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Meetings for friends in Brisbane!

1st of July & 5th of August (Monday) 1-2pm at Teaffee!

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for 5th of AUGUST meeting available here

Super excited to announce we will be launching monthly meetups for parents & carers of children to connect & grow together over delicious food & drinks!

At our upcoming monthly Mum With Care meetings we will invite a health professional, who works in a specialised area related to kids & their carers , so that those who are interested (mums , dads , carers, health professionals, those working with children are ALL welcome!! ) can come along, learn evidence-based facts & current guidelines from an experienced, qualified professional, ask questions, & be among supportive friends .

Tickets are now available at Early Bird Prices (until 20th June)! Spots are limited at our venue, & we are including a free hot drink for each attendee (delicious cafe-style food & fusion desserts will also be available for purchase on the day!)

On our journey through miscarriage, pregnancy, birth & new parenthood, we have encountered many well-meaning, caring people ... who wanted to impose their own perspectives, opinions & lived experience onto us.

Friend who know Nick & I well, would know that we are very open-minded, love connecting deeply, listening & learning from the experiences of those who are older & wiser!

However, as I have a background in healthcare & Nick has a background in business analysis... after we collate data from everyone's sharing, we also like to discuss our findings, do our due diligence, then make our own final decisions as a couple that is best for our little family.

We have found that just like many other new parents, well-intentioned friends or family can cause unintended stress or confusion, when they give advice contrary to scientific evidence & recommendations from health professionals.

This is why we wanted to start a monthly meetup event, where mums, dads, health professionals & carers of young children can build friendships over good food, while asking questions & learning directly from local professionals - on topics related to how to self care as carers of kids, so we can care for the kids in our lives better!

Early bird tickets for our 1st event on the 1st of July featuring Paediatric Dentist - Dr Ellie Nadian is now available! (Save the date also for our 2nd event on the 5th of August featuring Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist - Saba Sanaei)

As spots are limited at our venue, get in early (Early Bird Pricing available until 20th of June for our July meeting!!), follow Mum With Care on Facebook / Instagram for future event updates .... & if you enjoy our posts, please share with friends in your lives, who would benefit from these events!

We look forward to catching up & growing together with many like-minded lovely friends at these events!

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